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Mining Exploration Up 50% in 2011


According to Metals Economics Group’s (MEG) Corporate Exploration Strategies, the estimated total 2011 budget for nonferrous metals exploration surg... Read more »

Silver and Gold Stocks Paying Dividends


With money markets and Treasuries yielding next to nothing these days, investors are finding income in new places. One area those investors should con... Read more »

Movers and Shakers


Here are your “Movers and Shakers” for the week ending September 16th, 2011 on the TSX and TSX-V Exchanges. In no particular order, these ... Read more »

Silvercorp in the Hot-Seat


The British Columbia Securities Commission said on Friday it’s conducting a regulatory investigation into anonymous allegations against Silverco... Read more »

Interview: Mark Bailey of Minefinders (TSX:MFL)

In early May silver reached a high of nearly $50 an ounce. Then it seemingly hit a psychological brick wall built by the Hunt brothers and beat a hast... Read more »

Silver production largely dependent on base metals


World production of the gray precious metal rose again in 2010. Silver, unlike gold, has seen production levels increase since 2003. This differen... Read more »

Greece gives way to big Gains


Like most Canadians, the TSX took a break for Canada day celebrations on Friday after posting four consecutive positive days. And to the south, U.S. s... Read more »

Peru goes to the Polls: 10 Mining Stocks to Watch


A cursory look at Peruvian mining will show you that many of the world’s senior mining companies have operations there. The list of majors in th... Read more »

Silver – star performer in early 2011


Welcome to the June edition of the Highgrade Review. This month’s issue is completely dedicated to silver mining and exploration companies listed on... Read more »

10 Most Interesting Silver Stocks – Part 1

In the early 1970s two brothers from Texas, William Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt, began accumulating silver. By 1979, the pair had effectively corne... Read more »

10 Most Interesting Silver Stocks – Part 2

3. Alexco Resource Corp. (TSX:AXR) Alexco Resource is Canada’s newest silver producer.  The company is focused on the Yukon Territory of Nor... Read more »

10 Most Interesting Silver Stocks – Part 3

What’s at the root of silver’s volatile ride in 2011? We can’t blame it on the Hunt brothers so let’s blame it on China. On Ap... Read more »

10 Most Interesting Silver Stocks – Part 4

8. Pan American Silver Corp. (TSX:PAA) Pan American Silver is the world’s second-largest primary silver producer and has its sights set on Fres... Read more »

Interview: Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver (TSX:FR)

Mexico is a country rich in history and in silver. During the European conquest of the Americas, silver was discovered in Mexico in 1546 in what is... Read more »

Interview: John Shanahan of Revett Minerals (TSX:RVM)

The justice system. An endless fount of interest. On March 29th, 2010, a federal judge rejected the U.S. Forest Service’s approval of a mining ope... Read more »

Interview: Greg Johnson of South American Silver (TSX:SAC)

Evo Morales, of indigenous Aymara descent, was born in Isallawi village in the province of Oruro, Bolivia.  He was one of seven children born into a... Read more »

Interview: Bradford Cooke of Endeavour Silver (TSX:EDR)

Mexico has enjoyed an extended period of relative political stability with the exception of a few hotly contested elections. Most recently in 2006... Read more »

The ghosts of Bre-X: mining in Indonesia today


On March 19th, 1997 Michael de Guzman, the exploration manager for would-be miner Bre-X, jumped from an Alouette helicopter flying eight-hundred feet ... Read more »

Sprott still bullish on Silver


Eric Sprott, founder of Toronto-based investment firm Sprott Asset Management, is generally considered to be of Canada’s best investment manager... Read more »

Gold + Silver + Copper + Zinc = Eritrea


Eritrea, a funnel shaped country that borders The Red Sea, was, because of its unstable political history, a bit of a mystery to the international min... Read more »

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