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10 Base Metal Stocks to Watch in 2011 – Part 4


8. Invernia Inc. (TSX:IVW) April showers do not always bring May flowers. On April 5th, 2011 Ivernia’s shares were halted and the company announced ... Read more »

Copper M&A Mania – who’s next?


Copper record highs means the base metal is making headlines most every day; merger and acquisition mania is now in full flight. MiningFeeds.com take... Read more »

Thermal coal gaining steam


Thermal coal is gaining steam. When thermal, which is the cheapest and most common type of coal, is burned its steam powers turbines that generate ... Read more »

Quadra FNX celebrates a Sudbury Tuesday Night


In the mining circles of Sudbury, Ontario it takes a lot to raise an eyebrow. The resource business has been ingrained in the town for a long time. Lo... Read more »

Teck surges on strong earnings from metallurgical coal


After the market closed yesterday, Teck Resources (TSX:TCK.B) released its Q1 2011 financial results. The rosy report included earnings of $461-milli... Read more »

Peru election concerns affect miners


Ollanta Humala is not a name that many outside of South America are familiar with. In 2006, however, the Peruvian Nationalist actually won the first ... Read more »

Gold juniors flying high in 2011


With the TSX composite index down almost 500 points in two trading days investors are back on the fence waiting for, what some say, could be a long ov... Read more »

Avalon Rare Metals hits 52 week high


On December 21st, 2010,  Avalon announced it would list on the NYSE Amex exchange. The company’s shares rose more than 20 percent after the a... Read more »

Uranium One lags peers in sector recovery


The Japanese disaster, now approaching its one month anniversary, continues to be the only topic of discussion for investors in uranium stocks. The sp... Read more »

Encanto Potash: indigenous to Saskatchewan


Encanto President & CEO Jim Walchuck and Muskowekwan Chief Reg Bellerose in joint development of Saskatchewan potash. After a brief pause, the pri... Read more »

Romarco looks to modernize operations at historic South Carolina mine

For more than two years, the rise of Romarco Minerals (TSX:R) has been nothing less than remarkable. As late as October, 2008 shares of the Toronto ba... Read more »

Is the price of cocoa a barometer of mining risk in the Ivory Coast?


In what has become a near daily occurrence, civil unrest erupted in another developing African nation today. The Ivory Coast is in the news once aga... Read more »

Why should investors care about Alkali Metals?


Welcome to the April edition of the Highgrade Review. This month's issue is completely dedicated to two Alkali Metals, known in the investment communi... Read more »

Five Lithium Stocks to Watch in 2011 – Part 1

Read the word lithium and it’s likely not too long before you are reading the word battery. Jon Hykawy, lithium analyst for Byron Capital Markets ec... Read more »

Five Potash Stocks to Watch in 2011 – Part 1

Unlike lithium, potash is not scarce. The resource, however, is concentrated in a few privileged places on the globe, such as Canada, Russia and Belar... Read more »

Five Lithium Stocks to Watch in 2011 – Part 2

3. Talison Lithium (TSX:TLH) With a market capitalization near half a billion dollars, Talison Lithium (Stock Profile – TSX:TLH & OTC:TLTHF)... Read more »

Five Potash Stocks to Watch in 2011 – Part 2

3. IC Potash (TSXV:ICP) All Potash is not created equal. The most common form, called Muriate of Potash, or MOP, accounts for about 95% of all potash ... Read more »

Platinum; rare, expensive and green


Platinum, among the rarest and costliest of metals, is also one of the most green. Platinum is so rare that all of the metal ever mined would fill a r... Read more »

Can Barrick and the price of gold outpace inflation?


These days, mining companies worldwide are getting hit by soaring costs. The price of raw materials, energy and labour have all experienced steep and ... Read more »

Great Panther Silver a picture of success


A pretty picture. That’s what Vancouver’s Great Panther Silver (TSX:GPR), which today reported record earnings and revenue for fiscal 2010... Read more »


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