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Gold’s Jobs-Friday Plunge


Gold plummeted last Friday, dragging silver and their miners’ stocks down with it. That was reminiscent of another brutal down day in early November... Read more »

Gold Stocks Break Out


The gold miners’ stocks entered this young new year with a bang, as their leading index surged to a major breakout above multiple key resistance lin... Read more »

Gold Mauls The Dollar & Silver Stocks Soar


 The year 2020 was a solid year for gold, silver, and associated miners. The juniors were particularly impressive. Please click here now: https://gra... Read more »

Top Mining Minds: Sheldon Inwentash, ThreeD Capital


For well over 30 years, Toronto native Sheldon Inwentash has been making his mark in Canadian business circles as an entrepreneur and investor. He is ... Read more »

Silver Bells Ring: Are Investors In Tune?


Will the precious metals stage another rally in the Chinese New Year “traditional buying season” of January-February? The charts suggest that is v... Read more »

The Entire Precious Metals Sector is Very Healthy


Gold often begins a significant seasonal rally around the time of the Fed’s December meeting. The next Fed meet begins today… and gold is up nicel... Read more »

Gold-Stock Correction Matures


The gold miners’ stocks have suffered a correction since early August, gutting traders’ enthusiasm for this contrarian sector. This necessary and ... Read more »

Gold $1788: A Price Of Importance


The US election is still being disputed by republican fiat bugs, but it looks more and more likely that democrat fiat bugs have won. In the world of p... Read more »

Silver Miners’ Q3’20 Fundamentals


The silver miners’ stocks have been grinding lower on balance since early August in a healthy correction. This necessary rebalancing is achieving it... Read more »

This Chart Signals When Gold Stocks Will Explode


This Chart Signals When Gold Stocks Will Explode By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA Gold Stocks remain in a correction, even if the October 29 lows continu... Read more »

Gold Miners’ Q3’20 Fundamentals


The major gold miners’ stocks have been grinding lower on balance for a few months now in a healthy correction. This necessary rebalancing is achiev... Read more »

First Cobalt Corp., substantial cash flow from cobalt refinery by late 2022


First Cobalt Corp., substantial cash flow from cobalt refinery by late 2022 Note: unless indicated otherwise, all figures in US$. This week’s news f... Read more »

Gold Bugs Need to Ignore the Market Noise and Focus on Using Good Tactics


Conspiracy buffs are probably wondering if Monday’s big vaccine announcement (that occurred just after the election of Joe Biden) was a coincidence.... Read more »

Outlook for Gold Stocks Post 2020 Election

Outlook for Gold Stocks Post 2020 Election By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA We last wrote to you roughly ten days ago. We concluded, “It appears GD... Read more »

Big US Stocks’ Q3’20 Fundamentals


The US stock-market action last quarter proved a roller-coaster ride.  Big US stocks first surged to record highs on hopes for more huge pandemic-sti... Read more »

Gold: Is The Reaction Over


It appears that both gold and stock market investors believe the winner of the US election (held today) will be more money printing and debt. That’s... Read more »

Gold Stocks’ Winter Rally 5


The gold miners’ stocks have mostly been correcting in recent months, after blasting higher with gold last summer.  While this necessary and health... Read more »

Scottie Resources update + Q&A with VP Exploration, Thomas Mumford, Ph.D., P.Geo


Last year Scottie Resources (TSX-V: SCOT) / (OTCQB: SCTSF) discovered multiple high-grade, surface gold targets on its newly acquired Summit Lake clai... Read more »

Low Dollar Risky for Gold


Today’s beaten-down US dollar is a major short-term risk for gold.  For decades this yellow metal has often inversely mirrored the fortunes of the ... Read more »

Mining Executive Richard Warke Featured On Canoe.com


Read today’s article on Canoe.com featuring top mining executive and Chairman of the Augusta Group of Companies, Richard Warke.  The feature ar... Read more »


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