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ORENINC Canadian Resource Financing Index halves as broker action evaporates (again), April 23, 2018


The Oreninc Index halved in the week ending April 20th, 2018 to 21.62 from an updated 44.24 a week ago as broker action evaporated (again).... Read more »

Paul Zimnisky: The Price of Lab-created Diamonds Continue to Fall


The discount of gem-quality lab-created diamonds, manufactured for use in jewelry, relative to natural diamonds has doubled from 11-20% a year ago to ... Read more »

Paul Zimnisky: 2018 Global Diamond Industry Primer


2017 has been a year of excess inventory shifting from the upstream segment of the diamond industry to the mid-stream segment. ... Read more »

Paul Zimnisky: Canadian diamond discoveries could close pending supply gap


With global diamond demand forecast to grow at approximately 3.5% annually over the next five years, driven by middle class consumers in Mainland Chin... Read more »

Paul Zimnisky: The Discovery of Newsworthy Diamonds is Increasing


If it seems like the number of record-breaking and other noteworthy diamonds discovered has been increasing in recent years, it’s because they are.... Read more »

James Kwantes of Resource Opportunities: A diamond player with discovery, development potential


James Kwantes of Resource Opportunities gives his take on the potential of North Arrow Minerals (TSX-V: NAR).... Read more »

Paragon International Wealth Management: Higher Demand for Colored Diamonds Not a Surprise


It has almost been a year since the spectacular 14.6-carat Oppenheimer Blue diamond sold for a record-setting $57.5 million. The rare blue diamond, th... Read more »

Canada’s Diamond Potential is Sparkling Again


The demand for diamonds continues to grow as the world population now exceeds 7 billion people and consumer demand from rising global incomes looks to... Read more »

Griffin and Highbury Comments on the Diamond Landscape Post Argyle Mine


In April this year, Rio Tinto (RIO), the globally known mining company that owns and operates the equally renowned Argyle diamond mine, announced that... Read more »

Junior Gold Miner Breaking Out Into New 52 Week Highs On Exploration Success


One junior gold miner that I have been very bullish on for many months is outperforming the GDXJ benchmark by a wide margin. Integra Gold (ICG.V or IC... Read more »

Gem Hunting with a Diamond Pioneer


The following article was adapted from the August 27, 2014 issue of Resource Opportunities, our premium newsletter (the video below was taped in Decem... Read more »

Drills turning at this Lundin-backed Canadian diamond explorer


North Arrow Minerals (NAR.V) is a promising diamond exploration company with a portfolio of projects in Northern Canada. The company has extremely suc... Read more »

Investing in Diamonds – 2014


The subject of investing in diamonds has been discussed by every major media outlet over the last year. Some discussed the advantages while others foc... Read more »

The Colored Diamond Market


Similar to the colorless diamond we all know so well, natural fancy colored diamonds are just as authentic and incredibly impressive. In fact, they ar... Read more »

The Impact of Synthetic and Recycled Diamonds


Clean 1+ carat colorless synthetics are hitting the market for the first time, and with a consistent stream of recycled polished making their way back... Read more »

Tommy Humphreys – Lukas Lundin Interview


“Did you know you were getting the better end of that deal with Kinross?” I asked Lukas Lundin in his Vancouver office earlier this week. “No No... Read more »

Mining Stocks to Watch in 2013 – Part 1


It’s time for our annual Stocks to Watch list. 2013 is well underway and we’ve seen some very interesting developments in the mining marke... Read more »

Global Rough Diamond Supply, 2013


Rough diamonds achieved record prices in the summer of 2011 but prices have since slipped back to 2010 levels on global macroeconomic worries.  Howev... Read more »

Junior Mining Stocks – Buy, Hold or Sell?


As we begin to count down the remaining days in 2012 many investors in junior mining stocks are faced with the same decision – do I sell my shar... Read more »

Stornoway Diamonds: CEO Interview


Stornoway’s flagship asset is the Renard Diamond Project which the company has been working on for 10 years. Current NI 43-101 compliant Indica... Read more »


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